Can You Believe He Got Windows 95 Running On Apple Watch?

Just watch him implant Windows 95 into Apple Watch…

The skies were blue with a few white puffy clouds gently floating by. It was August 1995, Microsoft held a huge launch event for their new software Windows 95. It was a well-executed marketing campaign that had even old grandma’s talking about Windows 95. To this day, some consider the event that announced the release of Windows 95 Microsoft’s apex.

Today, I ran across a video where a guy installs Windows 95 on an Apple Watch. A device so tiny that you wear on your wrist today has incredibly more computing power than a desktop computer did just a few decades back.

I highly doubt the usability of Windows 95 on Apple Watch as you can see in the video, it takes numerous swipes on the tiny screen to scroll up or down the menu.

This little hack makes one thing clear…Technology has come a long way in 20 years. We are so spoiled compared to 20 years ago.

If for whatever reason your smartphone or tablet is driving you crazy, go to your storage (or your grandparent’s storage unit) and dig up that 1995 desktop computer. Who knows …maybe that old, slow, dial-up connection sound will help you relax and fall asleep.