What You Should & Shouldn’t Do When You Are Pulled Over

What To Do If You Are Pulled Over

It’s no secret that tensions between the public and police officers have been on the rise over the last decade around the country. Here are a few great common sense videos that will help us all to be safer, and show what to do if you are pulled over.

The first video is by Coffey Anderson


In the next video Johnny Turner a retired San Bernardino Police Department for 23 years, wants to let people know what you should and shouldn’t do when you are pulled over.

Johnny Turner, Former San Bernardino Police Officer Tells What To Do If You’re Pulled Over


“Once you get to the side, you need to see some hands. Hands is what will do you in. It’s what will hurt you every single time,” says Turner. Keep yours hands on the wheel at all times?, he is asked. “Best position for them, by far. And if you’re a passenger, just keep your hands on your lap in the front so we can see where they are at all times. As you can see, it’s one straight line across,” Turner says.


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These are simple things that we can do to show respect to the officers and to avoid any unnecessary complications.