Harvard Experiment Finds What Makes Us Happier… It’s Likely Not What You Think

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Life Long Study Of 724 Men Reveals The Ingredient That Makes Us Happier And Healthier …

Robert Waldinger, the 4th director of an ongoing, 75-year long Harvard University study on the adult development of 724 men on true happiness and satisfaction that started after WWII. This study includes men from all walks of life. From boys of the poorest communities in the cities to the wealthy and rich kids (one of the men in the study became the president of the United States).

Now the study includes these men’s wives and even their children.
The study finds that what makes us happy, satisfied and a lot healthier… is not money or fame. Waldinger says what they discovered in this study is, that by practicing this one thing… anyone can unlock true, deep and meaningful happiness in their life.

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