Is This The Ugliest Pickup Truck You’ve Ever Seen?

Tesla has unveiled its new semi truck. 

But what caught my eye is not the semi truck, It's the Tesla pickup truck. My first reaction was...

" This is the ugliest pickup truck that I've ever seen in my life"
I love the cool and sleek design of the Model S, Model X, and the new Tesla Roadster looks incredible! not to mention the guts 'under the hood'.

But the pickup truck... I can't wrap my mind around this one. It's just Ugly!

Ugly Tesla pickup truck

Tesla pickup truck. Is this UGLY? or its just me…

The new Tesla roadster is gorgeous, fast and futuristic.

Tesla Roadster

Tesla Roadster

You can

But there's some competition brewing... an electric supercar from China. Gotta say it's a looker.

NIO Electric Supercar

NIO Electric Supercar

NIO Supercar front

NIO Supercar - front

​And there's more great news for electric vehicle enthusiasts around the world. Actually not just for the automobile industry. According to car designer Henrik Fisker, they've developed a new super battery technology that is cheaper to produce and can charge a car in 1 minute. Plus the battery is non-flammable. Just think, and imagine how this will change our daily lives. Check out Henrik Fisker interview where he talks about new battery technology.