“One Very Unique Way That You Should Start Folding Underwear Today”

Mess Be Gone! Today you’ll be folding underwear like a pro.

There never seems to be enough space in our drawers to make all the bras, socks, tights, and undies fit properly. Thank goodness there is someone like Marie Kondo to give us a hand. She is considered the queen of organizing in Japan. She has her own consultation business where she teaches company presidents, moms, and just about anyone willing to learn, how to declutter everything in our homes.


Her KonMari method includes putting together everything a person owns and keeping only those which bring “tokimeku” or joy in Japanese.

In this video, Kondo neatly folds four pairs of socks, two pairs of tights, four bras, and six underwears into one drawer. Not only is she able to accomplish this but she is also left with a bit of room for any extras. You will start vertically stacking your clothes from now on.