Do These 15 Food Swaps & Lower Your Carbs

Reduce your carbs
15 Food Swaps To Reduce Your Carbs?

Do These 15 Food Swaps To Lower Your Carbs


Here’s a list of 15 food that you can swap to reduce carbs starting today.

The simple way to remember what to eat and what to avoid.
Eat: Fish, meats, eggs, natural fats (like butter) and vegetables growing above ground.
Try to avoid: Sugar and starchy foods (pasta, bread, beans, rice, and potatoes).

Solid advice to remember: Everything In Moderation. This isn’t to say you can never have another treat or a bit of cake. Try not to go over the edge and cut out all carbs; our bodies require carbs to survive. Simply be aware of foods you are eating, and what impacts that nourishment has on your body.